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Sharp Development Sites Pty Ltd, owned and operated by Greg Sharp, provides any tailored combination of the following services, together with the sale and acquisition of property development sites, to assist clients in taking a potential development site from inception through to a successful and profitable conclusion.

If you are considering selling a development site, or if you own property that may have development potential, call Greg Sharp to arrange an inspection and to meet with you personally to:

  • Evaluate the property’s maximum redevelopment potential
  • Discuss your aims and
  • Recommend the most effective way to promote the sale of your property to potential developer- buyers

Greg’s extensive personal experience in real estate development, combined with his tried and tested sales and marketing skills, ensure that the unique goals of both his property owner and developer clients are achieved when buying or selling.

Project Marketing

Direct sales of completed dwellings and/or referral to experienced, dedicated Project Marketing agents who have the experience and expertise to successfully promote the sale of your finished product / project, either “off the plan” or on completion.

Site Identification

Sourcing potential sites including identifying raw land and approaching the owners with an offer to purchase, through to locating approved or partly approved sites via contact with owners and developers.

Site Assessment

Assisting in determining the number and the most practical, marketable mix of dwellings applicable to each potential development site.

Local Council

Liaison with council town planners to determine the council’s attitude towards the proposed development, including attendance at council pre-lodgment meetings, leading to the lodging of a Development Application that appeals to council planners and achieves the best possible result for the owner and developer.

Market Research

Conducting a thorough analysis of local market conditions and demands to assess the most profitable mix, style and size of dwellings to be built.

Architects & Consultants

Recommending suitable architects and consultants to begin work on preparing the Development Application.

Arranging the preparation of a three dimensional artist’s impression of the proposed development. This can be used to demonstrate the proposed finished product to Council and greatly assists in marketing the finished product.

Recommending expert consultants to prepare decor schemes, finish boards to be used in the marketing campaign, and a detailed schedule of finishes and inclusions to be inserted in the contract of sale of the completed dwelling.